Tuition Testimonials

“Phil has been working with my 9 year old daughter since April. She has a Dyslexia diagnosis. They got on brilliantly from the off. Phil intuitively knew where her difficulties lie and has continued to adapt his teaching according to her needs. Writing is her biggest struggle, but she loves language, and Phil has given her a new enthusiasm for it by breaking down words and really helping her to understand their origin whilst also making it fun. She is now much more confident and willing to have a go, and it’s clear to see the improvement in accuracy.”

Amy T

“Phil has been an exceptional tutor who has really got to the bottom of our daughter’s dyslexia and found effective solutions for her to use. It has been very much a joint partnership which has yielded much quicker dyslexia ‘taming’ results for her. She looks forward to their sessions as he makes them interesting and engaging. I feel she has a much brighter educational future due to his wide range of tutoring and mentoring skills.”

Mrs K Caplin

“Mr Wain is an exceptional teacher that trains other professionals in this educational field. Having been introduced to him and under his tutorage there has been a significant difference in our daughter’s character and school work. Our daughter is now more confident an individual and school reports have noted a significant improvement. Mr Wain makes learning a joy and our daughter loves going to him. He has a wonderful demeanour and is thoughtful and kind and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Mr A Haq

“We highly recommend Phil Wain, he has dedicated a lifetime of study to dyslexia. As a severe dyslexic mother myself and having 3 boys with neurodiverse minds, I am always so impressed with Phil’s input as he often takes words out of my mouth, describing our son Z to the dot, this has given me an instant and continuous trust in Phil.

Our son has been described as having severe dyslexia, he fell behind his school peers by 4 years to his school peers and started to show signs of distress and physical panic attacks. He had to have intensive therapy.

Phil helps us to plan our son’s dyslexia learning package, from analysing reports to observing classroom settings, creating strategies and advising/planning new targets with tutors, school and home, this gives a joined up approach which guarantees consistency but he is also constantly measuring and tailoring, giving our son the best chance in his day to day learning but most importantly for life.  Z also loves engaging with Phil as he has a kind and easygoing temperament with children. Our son looks forward to seeing Phil and tells us that he is cool. Our son is in a good place now and has started to catch up with his school peers, he has a great future ahead, thanks to Phil. Phil helps to give a dyslexic child a voice for life.”

Chandrika H